International trade is the foundation of AAG and in 1987, the Company was borne with the establishment of a Joint-venture Far East Trading & Procurement company with Power Supermarkets Group - a company of Associated British Foods PLC (UK). AAG pioneered international procurement & trade from countries in Asia in which successful partnerships and alliances were developed to create both expertise and wealth for many Asian manufacturers and producers, and expanding the procurement reach and channels of distribution globally.

Building on this expertise and foundation, the AAG Group has continued to build on this base over the last 33 years, overcoming economic and global challenges and continued to invest its resources into industries which complement the group's objectives.

It subscribes to the "Winning Partnership Policy", a policy based on close working co-operation and mutual business success with its strategic business partners.

The Group believes the future of global trade will be the bringing together of successful collaborations of businesses which share common values and objectives.

Founder & Ceo

Steven Foong is the founder of Asian Asset Group ( AAG ) in 1987. AAG was his vision to build a strategic investment & trading bridge between businesses in the Far East and the UK. At that time internet communications were non-existent and relationships and 'trusts' were normally built upon years of face-to-face discussions to facilitate successful trade. Steven - AAG provided the 'trusted-bridge' which British corporates can rely upon for investment & trade facilitation, quality assurance for products & services and on time shipment deliveries.

Backed by strong research & development focus, he was able to identify and build businesses with capable and trusted management team to develop and produce quality products which were then exported to the UK and European markets. Through his close working co-operation with the manufacturers in Southeast Asia and East Asia, he sponsored many new factory start-ups and made many of these strategic partners into successful business ventures through this development journey.

Steven provided the ideas and confidence to the manufacturers to venture into new products and services out of their normal domain, and provided the international bridge to foreign markets which the manufacturers would normally not have.

Steven's professional career started in London, United Kingdom where he was with British merchant bank - Robert Fleming Merchant Bank (UK). The British bank also operated Asia's largest merchant bank & Fund management company at that time – Jardine Fleming ( Hong Kong ). Steven was the Economist responsible for Southeast Asia investments where he worked in their international investment & fund management division looking after Insurance and Institutional pension funds. His understanding of the economic and political developments of the "Far East" as it was known then, was both challenging and rewarding being one of the pioneer foreign investors to invest into the 'Public equity' markets in these emerging countries in Asia during that time.

Throughout his working career, he has been involved in many successful companies from manufacturing Household products, Food processing, Agriculture & mineral resources, Plantations & Refineries, Transportation & Logistics, Waste management & Renewable energy and Oil & Gas industry to name some examples.

With the combination of Steven's network and AAG's subsidiary / affiliate companies and business partnerships, the Group has representation in many countries and it provides the platform to identify strategic partners and business collaborations with shared values.

Steven continues to enjoy identifying and investing in good Management, new business opportunities and/or joint ventures / collaborations as part of his interest to build successful businesses and partnerships.

Building on more than 30 years of Asia and global trade experience, he has garnered extensive industry knowledge and operational experience in a wide array of industries and coupled with his merchant banking investment foundation he continues to significantly value-add to the business ventures he gets involved with.

He holds board positions on publicly traded companies and senior positions in an advisory role working with MNCs to plan and oversee corporate development activities in Asia. He also sits on the Trade & Investment Committee at the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce International ( MICCI ).

Steven graduated from Middlesex University (UK) in Management & Finance, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK) (FCMI), and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

AAG - 3 Core Businesses

Marketing, International Trade & Broking, and Investment & Business Management


AAG Group is an investment holding company and is divided into 3 core business sectors – Marketing, International Trade & Broking, and Investment & Business Management

Building on 33 years of global trade and it’s established supply & distribution channels, the objective is to leverage on the beach-heads of the Group in the respective countries and cities around the globe to spearhead trade and market development, capitalizing on it’s trade experience and understanding of local cultures to manage the intricacies and compliances for both private and government regulatory processes necessary for successful trade and development.

Our Business

Marketing consists of product & market development, research & development, branding, advertising & promotion, and online social management. It provides the platform for building on the foundation of the respective products and businesses which the Group has chosen to invest and develop – namely Food, Healthcare, Agriculture & mineral resources.
( EatWell )

International Trade & Broking manages the logistics, shipping, procurement, broking, business development, and trade management. It has an experienced management team who understands commercial & trading risks and logistics management – the key to successful international trading.
( www.iTradeassociates.com ) ,
( www.AAMCommodities.com )

Investment & Business Management is the private investment office which manages venture capital for investments, facilitates trade finance to support international trade activities and provides business management & administrative support.
( www.AsianAssetManagement.com )

Customers Portfolio includes mainly Fortune 1000 companies.

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